Programs & Services

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Leaders in Technology

Synaptic is a national leader in innovative technology and rehabilitative equipment. Our therapeutic technology facilitates in the recovery of hand function, improvement of strength and range of motion, increased cardiovascular function, improved bone density, managing pain, decreasing tone/spasms and contributing to a better quality of life.

Clients of Synaptic have access to the following equipment:

FES Bike
● Nustep
● Standing Frames


Synaptic is the only clinic in Western Canada to offer Xcite technology to the public.

The advancement of technology has given clients access to innovative hand therapy that focuses on functional movements such as self feeding, dressing, writing and driving.

Fully integrated with the longest standing form of FES technology, Xcite opens the door for upper extremity recovery which ultimately leads to greater independence.

FES Bike

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) is used to facilitate and improve motor function in neurologically impaired muscles. Research has shown FES to have the following clinical impact:

● Improved circulation and cardiovascular fitness

● Increased muscle mass

● Maintenance or improvement of bone density

● Improve pain and muscle spasms

Gait Training

Synaptic is the only centre in Alberta to use Therastride as an integrated part of its rehabilitation program. Therastride is a full body weight-support treadmill that enables people with varying degrees of mobility to be upright in a weight-bearing position.

The support of Therastride allows the opportunity to correct and improve walking patterns for people with minor to severe deviations in their gait pattern. Reinforcing the principles of high intensity, high velocity, and high repetition, Therastride provides the prime therapy conditions to help the brain reorganize and reconnect with the body.

Performance Training for Adaptive Sports

By combining our experience in neuro rehabilitation with athletic training, our elite program helps progress athletic performance. This group class is suitable for both beginner and professional athletes across a variety of adaptive sports.

The Synaptic Performance Program Includes:

● CSCS certified trainer
● Access to staff physiotherapist and nutritionist
● Small group sizes
● Access to Private training sessions